Without a Penny

That was my condition just when God called me to give. The invitation wasn’t only to give, but to be generous -  extravagantly generous. You are right, I laughed out loud. The first thing I thought it was, how?

In my humanity, I held to those questions. I knew my budget was tight, and I could barely scrape up coins here and there to cover basic living expenses. Being a widow at 33 with two little girls has challenged me to believe God in the midst of deep needs. However, no matter how complicated things get, He has ALWAYS helped us.

I knew I was stepping into a new season. In the midst of the fear I could have experienced,

But now we were talking about something else. We were not talking about only covering the needs of my family,I knew I was stepping into a new season. Instead of the fear I could have experienced, I got excited.  I knew if God was instructing me to be generous, I was being promoted from thinking only about me, or the needs of my family, to God seeing me as an instrument to expand His Kingdom! WOW! Me? This widow?

And, I know, the tendency to believe that suddenly a curtain will open and, things will change immediately. The tendency of thinking that rivers of money will appear to transform us into a generous millionaire overnight is there, but it wasn’t like that. Normal life went on, bills kept arriving, and the list of things to provide kept the same, but something changed in me, there was a shift from survival who had to cover their needs to an administrator.

I can tell you exactly pinpoint the day when God began to “warm-up” my heart and started blessing my finances

I still recall the moment when I knew he opened the storehouse of His resources. The day when I finally knew I had extra in my hands came. The temptation to spend that money in a thousand ways is lost there, but I knew he was inviting me to a new season where I could partner with Him to sow wherever He would lead me. Now, keep in mind that we are not talking about a big sum of money, it was barely a bit extra beyond my needs, but I knew it was God himself extending an invitation to give. In the struggle between my opinion and obedience, the miracle of beginning to walk partnering with Him begun for this widow, I gave. I could have chosen to use that money in many different ways, but I gave. This is what it blows my mind, I thought I had to have millions and to give thousands to be generous, but God then taught me that my little bit, my pennies, (which for me was a lot at the time) was all it took for me to enroll in this amazing journey God has taken me and my entire family!

Today, I see how God opening his storehouse more and more. I could spend hours sharing with you how he provided for my business, how beyond my comprehension have equipped me, trained me, and got me ready for the difficult times we are living in. However, this is where I want to focus, I am taking care of, is already solved, in His hands. Now, it is HIS KINGDOM THAT COUNTS, that is where God calls us all to walk because His vision goes beyond the expense of the day, His vision is to give eternity to those pennies that He puts in the bank!

Here is the scripture God has used to challenge me, and that I want to share with you as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things. 2 co 6:10
I pray for you to join me on this journey!

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