Who is the man in White?


You may have seen the reports of "a Man in White" appearing to help children trapped in the earthquake in Turkey saying, "He brought me food and water."

We continue to celebrate miraculous survival stories in Turkey while at the same time being alert to the ever-increasing danger believers face. Our contacts have urgently asked us to return for more audio-video training so they can spread the word of God to people who desperately need to hear it. Since our last visit, persecution has increased and tensions are high. According to missionaries on the ground, "Believers who own businesses who have never before been questioned are now being summoned to Istanbul to be 'interviewed' about their beliefs."   The churches we have helped in the past are now living with the constant awareness of the urgency of communicating the gospel to their people, explaining, "We don't know when the door will close to receive the training we need."

And what are they doing with the training Wild for the Nations has provided? Creating videos and translating the messages of American pastors into Turkish and reaching those like Osman who was visited in his jail cell by church members who shared the gospel with him. He became a believer and now attends their church, helping with the video recordings that share the message with more seekers like him. Wild is answering their plea for help. In just a few weeks, our team of social media specialists and a video producer will travel there to give more free trainings and donate needed equipment. See our Amazon Wish List to purchase items that will go directly into the hands of our church partners in Turkey.

With your support, we can continue to help introduce "the Man in White" - Jesus Christ - to a nation more desperate for Him than ever.

PS. The testimonies, information, pictures, and names shared with you are confidential to protect our partners on the ground. 

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