United States of America


The United States of America, a former British colony founded in 1776 has become a land of dreams, opportunity, and freedom for many immigrants who have entered its territory.  Located in the North American region, the U.S.A.  as of 2020 has a population of 331,626,890 people. It is a global superpower being known to have a strong military and economic force. However, the injuries of slavery and other inhumane practices against minority groups has left unhealed wounds within the land. 

The Church

Founding itself on Christian principles that have shaped the nation, these principles, unfortunately,  have been on a constant decline. According to The Pew Research Center and Barna Group survey polls, Christianity is declining in the U.S. with the highest age group 18-29 years old (Millennials and Z generation) turning away from their faith. In 2019, 65% of people in the U.S. identify themselves as a Christian but less than 30% practice the faith.

On a contrasting note, for more than a century the U.S. has been a missionary force who has sent and supported thousands of workers to the nations reshaping the spiritual landscape of entire nations.

Prayer Points 

  • - Pray for Revival in the Body of Christ in this nation especially in the hearts of the youth; for them all to be filled with the Holy Spirit and experience Jesus.  
  • - Pray for missionaries who have returned unexpectedly to the U.S. because of Covid-19, many are experiencing spiritual, emotional, and financial hardship. 
  • - Also pray for every frontline messenger still on the field to be strengthened and empowered.  
  • - Pray for unity within the body of Christ and for us all to genuinely love each other like the way Christ loved us



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