The Unstoppable Power of Intercession

I would like to invite you to spend the following minutes reflecting on the importance and meaning of intercession. Let's start by defining it in a practical way. Intercession is a lifestyle modeled by Jesus that believers are called to experience. At some point in our lives, this is a fact: we all need or will need someone's prayer.

What does it mean to intercede?

To intercede is to advocate for someone, to intervene on behalf of individuals, families, cities, and even nations. It is to stand in the gap to prevent the attacks of the devil from reaching their purpose. It is to stand in the gap to prevent the attacks of the devil from reaching its purpose. Intercession is not a prayer that complains or laments, but rather a prayer of war, firm on the conviction that God will answer.

All intercession is prayer, but not all prayers are intercession.

There is a profound truth that I want to share with you today: all intercession is prayer but not all prayers are intercession. To dare to intercede is to exercise authority, to build a wall that does not break until God's answer arrives. Now, we address misconceptions surrounding intercession and embrace the fact that it is not the exclusive activity of a select group within a congregation. Intercession is a responsibility given by God to all believers.

Why is it important that I intercede?

Beloved, the answer is simple, interceding equips us for battle.

- Intercessory prayer turns us into deer that cry out insistently for the streams of water (Psalm 42: 1).

- Interceding gives us an eagle-vision that allows us to see where the enemy is coming from far away. Over and over again you will discover that you see what others cannot see because you look through the eyes of faith.

- You will learn to walk like a lion. Amos 3: 8 says "If the lion roars, who will not fear? If the LORD God speaks, who will not prophesy?" And just as the lion is fearsome in the savannah because of his ferocity, in the same way, someone who stands in the gap to intercede becomes a dangerous person for the enemy.

- Your feet will become firm as iron, unshakable in the face of adversity, firm in the promises that God has said you are going to make.

Now, not everything has to do with spiritual warfare. The reality is that the more you intercede, the closer you'll get to God and the Father’s heart will be revealed more clearly to you. The more you intercede, the boundary between being an intercessor and being a worshiper is blurred out, because an intercessor is a worshiper who understands the majesty of his God and that the authority flows from God’s throne. In these times God is looking for men, women, young people, and even children who are empathic with this humanity; people like Abraham, Moses, Nehemiah, and Esther to whom God can reveal his plans and projects.

When we pray for others God reveals the secrets to us and sensitizes our hearts.

Interestingly, intercession is so important that to this day Jesus continues to intercede to the Father for us (Romans 8:34), and that should be enough fuel to position us as full-time intercessors. The church more than ever needs a spirit of intercession to see powerful miracles. We have the opportunity to be the type of Church that was able to intercede for Peter in prison knowing that God has the power to work supernaturally (Acts 12: 1-8). Today I want to leave you with this reminder: intercession moves and opens the heavens. It makes a way where there is none and allows you to see what God will do.

Ezekiel 22:30 says "And I looked for a man among them to build a fence and to stand in the gap before me, in favor of the earth, so that I would not destroy it; and I did not find him." Today we ask God for forgiveness for being indifferent in the face of so much need and we commit our lives with the Holy Spirit to be an intercessor on behalf of your family, city, or nation. I invite you to let God hear your voice interceding for others, near or far from you, your city, or other nations, you will undoubtedly be blessed.

Oh, if you would break the heavens, and go down, and the mountains would drain away at your presence, like a burning fire of foundries, a fire that makes the waters boil, so that you would make your name known to your enemies, and the nations would tremble at your presence!

Isaiah 64: 1-2

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