The fire keeps on

At the top of it, you can see the statue of John Huss. The inscription at the bottom says:  Stay alive, nation consecrated to God, don’t die. How come, a post-communist country, known as an atheist nation can have such a monument in the heart of its most important city?  As I strolled by this city, my heart overflowed with gratitude. I could barely believe that this is the place that the Lord chose to give me a break meanwhile I could re-enter Israel.

So far, my favorite spot has been the memorial in the middle of the old town dedicated to “John Huss”. I read about him, years ago, how he pushed the Protestant movement in the late 1300’s. His heart towards God took him to an intense fight against the Vatican and how at 43 He was accused of heresy and burned alive. Tradition says that minutes before he was burned the official executioner who was about to light the fire at Huss’ feet said, “Now we will cook the goose.” (Huss in Bohemian means goose.) “Yes”, replied Huss, “but there will come an eagle in a hundred years that you will not reach.” he was referring to Martin Luther.

More than a decade ago, while reading about the history of the church, there was a revival in Europe that led to the most amazing spreading of the Word of God in modern times. I was at this very spot! Czech Republic is still a nation that declares themselves an atheist. There is little to nothing of evangelical activity in Prague, but I knew that what God initiated in Prague was still work in progress.

As I had breakfast with a person that has been given me hospitality, I heard how God took her from Uzbekistan to Prague, and there she met Jesus through her English teacher. My heart suddenly raced. With no shame I interrogated her. I wanted to know details of her Muslim background, her outlook of life and Jesus, before and after moving to Prague. More than question her, I was just excited to find out how her life differed from her old self. She was kind and patient, I was lucky, she answered all my questions. Long story short, Jesus is still moving in Prague.

A few days after I met this 21 year old girl, her testimony was still stirring in my heart. In a brave, weird, and awkward boldness, I asked her to introduce me to the woman who shared the gospel with her. In less than 48 hours after asking she was at the door entrance, I had no idea what to say or how to explain my interest in meeting her. Over coffee I got to know the heart of this amazing Russian woman of God who living in America, God moved her to Prague due to her husband’s work. I heard the story of how God unfolded the season in Prague and how, without her knowing, God was giving them more than a new geographical address, but a deep calling to the nations.

While I listened to her heart I was surprised of the humbleness that surrounded her testimony. I can almost assure you that she would never call her family a “missionary family” but they were. Her and her husband were actively involved in a christian program to teach english at a college level and that was the tool that God used to share the gospel in one of the most lost nations of the world. I was shocked how this young couple moved in obedience and understood that the tent making was a pretext of God to use them to change lives. How their gifts and talents were surrendered to God to be used to impact nations that are closed to the gospel but opened to cultural exchanges. They obeyed, lives have been changed and a family’s generation has been forever changed.

I started to suspect that my Prague trip was not a logistical stop. The dots lined up together and the picture was getting clearer. God used my time here to confirm that He is still moving in the nations. As the prophetic clock keeps running and the times are getting closer, his heart keeps beating for the nations. He is not only sending the brave, but He is also bringing the nations to those willing of heart.


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