Serving in a bulletproof vest


Crossing the border from Poland into Ukraine was surreal.

I was on one of three large trucks loaded with 42 tons of food and medical supplies for Ukrainian families. I was wearing a bulletproof vest, and had been prepped on where to hide in the truck if needed and what to say or not say if questioned. Armed guards quickly waved us through the checkpoint because they knew we were bringing weekly humanitarian aid. We were limited to backroads with thick tree cover - to avoid being spotted by military drones.

Unfortunately, when we were only 30 miles in, we were turned back because of a Russian military attack ahead (Read about it here). Two of the men broke down in tears because they would not be able to reach the people who they knew desperately needed those supplies. Sadly, for them and still so many others, this war is now their new "normal." They would try again in a day or two.

Back in Poland, we visited our partners who use their small church to provide daycare so refugee children can stay safe while their parents find work. We met with the pastors and recorded more refugee interviews for our documentary. And, as we had done on our visit last year, we marveled at the love of God displayed through the compassion, generosity, and sacrifice of the Polish people who are caring so well for Ukrainians who have lost everything in this war.

Next, we traveled to Turkey to revisit our church partners and see firsthand what God is doing as they recover from February's devastating earthquakes. Daily, buildings are still falling like dominoes as the after-effects spread farther and farther away from the earthquakes' epicenter. The residents don't know when it will stop.

As He is so sweet to do, God gave us an incredible surprise at our AV training in Turkey! Not only did we reconnect with those we had trained before, but teens and young adults with social media platforms came to the training with questions about lighting, content, and reaching more people for Christ online. Many already had over a million followers! These young men and women are unwavering and unashamed of their faith and on fire for Jesus - boldly spreading his truth in their predominantly Muslim nation. Social media evangelists! After 12 training sessions with over 40 participants, we said our goodbyes and were able to leave all the equipment YOU generously donated in the hands of the ministry there!

Over the next month, we will complete our "Jesus In Times of War" documentary. Through the camera lens, you will peer into the lives of survivors, and hear testimonies and stories of miracles that will inspire you in your faith and connect you to what God is doing in the nations.

Secure seats today HERE for you and your friends at the documentary premiere on Sept 22, 2023, at the Grapevine Palace Arts Center. Seating is limited.

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