Completed for Beit Sar Shalom MInistries

Training Germany

  • Location: Central Europe. Berlin, Germany.
  • Ministry: make the Messiah, Yeshua, known to Jews and everyone else through the most effective and creative ways possible.
  • Outreach: 10,000+ people yearly
  • Status: Finished

We are convinced we were given the best message in the world, and we are commited to spread it through the whole earth.

  • Training in Social Media and Communication

After we learn that Beit Sar Shalom had a team of volunteers and staffers that were in need of training in the use of media platforms we agreed in using part of our time in Berlin to train a handful of their team members.

Our time there was a testament of what crossing generational work looks like. During 3 days 13 people gather, studied and exercise newly learned skill to communicate God’s message using digital platforms.




Your prayer without a doubt is a key factor in this project that will bless Jewish communities in Europe!

  • Beit Sar Shalom

    Pray for this organization, as they work continuously to spread the good news among Jewish communities. Also, pray for their protection as they face an antisemitic rising in Europe.

  • The trainees

    Pray for all the staffers and volunteers that received the training, that they may be used powerfully in their areas of influence.

  • Our Team
    Our heart is to bridge the gap between the church and the mission field. Pray for the members of our team that encourage, train and equip organizations and missionaries around the globe in the areas of Media.
  • Germany

    A growing tendency of antisemitism is happening now in Germany, pray for this nation and for the church there. May they strengthen and protected as they share the good news.


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