Completed for Impartation Ministries

Project Guatemala

  • Location: North America. Madisonville, KY.
  • Ministry: Equip Leaders/Local Church
  • Outreach: 14 Nations
  • Status: Finished

For more than 19 years Impartation Ministries has spread the gospel in more than 14 nations, with a deep impact in thousands of lives.

  • Document their journey – Video Promotional

During a week we traveled with the team of Impartation Ministries to document their efforts in that nation. In that period of time, we witnessed their efforts equipping pastors, ministering leaders, and serving the local church to empower their efforts to spread the gospel in Guatemala.

  • For Impartation Ministries

    As this ministry reach ore nations and strives to equip leaders around the globe, the need of sponsors and intercessors es great. Pray that God will provide both.

  • For Guatemala

    Pray for the Church in this nation, pray that they may shine Jesus light. Pray for their authorities as they face the challenges of lading a developing nation.

  • For Pastors and Leaders

    One of the biggest needs that we encounter is the need of covering in prayer pastors and leaders. Most of them do ministry alone, without a network of friends that surround them. Pray for hearts like the team of Impartation Ministry, as they invest their lives partnering, counseling and training this men and women of God.

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