Our Process

A Peek into our process



With missionaries and organizations in need of audiovisual resources to boost their connection with the Church.



Each project is a step of faith! As soon as we have clear the kind of project that we’ll develop, we start the efforts to gather the funds required for the production such as travel expenses, productions materials, and equipment and postproduction costs.


Recruit the volunteers

From the people that will travel as videographers and intercessors to the hands that will work at the office to work the logistic of the projects.


Execute the project

A team from WILD FOR THE NATIONS scout the locations, document the necessary footage and spend time with the missionaries on the ground, collecting testimonies, interviews and relevant information. After the return, the post-production work begins!


Publish the results

Thanks to hearts like yours, once the editing work is done is time to share the final result with the ministry that we have partnered with! Our work gets to their hands at no cost to them and is able to be used in any platform that they chose.