Myanmar (Burma) is located in Southeast Asia bordering Thailand and the Andaman sea. This is the largest country in Southeast Asia with a population of 54 million people. The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, and the country is home to more than 100 ethnic groups with Bamar people making up the majority in the region. The official language of Myanmar is Burmese, but there are more than 100 languages spoken within the region as well. After Myanmar gain independence in 1948, long-running ethnic civil wars had plagued the nation because of a coup leading to military dictatorship which lasted until 2011. In recent years, military power had deteriorated, and a nominally civilian government was established. However, strong ongoing military presence in the government continues to cause civil unrest in the region even until today.

The Church

According to Open Doors, Religious Nationalism is strong in Myanmar. It is stated that 87% of Burmese people practice Theravada Buddhism, and anyone who does not practice the belief is seen as threat to the government. Christians, a minority, who make up just 8% of the population suffer persecution, harassment, and imprisonment by their government. Foreign missionaries have been prohibited from entering Myanmar, but despite repression from the military, the Church continues to grow and share the gospel. According to Prayercast, Many Buddhist monks follow Jesus.

Prayer Points 

  • Pray for peace and justice in the land as civil unrest and violence continues to grow in the region
  • Pray for the Body of Christ to be strong and a light in the darkness
  • Pray for open doors for the gospel to enter the country and for favor for those pioneering these efforts
  • Pray also for women and children who are trafficked in the region

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