Kazakhstan is the world's ninth biggest country by size, and it is more than twice the size of the other Central Asian states combined. Kazakhstan is the richest country in Central Asia, due to its large oil and natural gas reserves. The country is also the largest landlocked country. The country inherited the culture of the ancient Silk Road, Nomadic lifestyle and the Soviet Union which had a great influence on its formation. This mixture makes Kazakhstan so different from any other country in the region and in the world. Native Kazakhs are a Turkic ethnic group. Kazakhs are Muslims and they migrated into the region in the 13th century, were united as a single nation in the middle of the 15th century. Kazakhstan became a member of the Soviet Republic in 1936. The area was conquered by Russia in the second half of 19th century and now is an independent country. It’s the largest religion is Islam. 

The Church

Kazakh believers, almost nonexistent in 1990, grew to over 15,000 by 2010, and there are now over 100 Kazakh-speaking congregations. Still, only 12% of the population are Christians, mostly Orthodox.  

Prayer Points 

  • - Many believers face persecution, pray for those who are falsely accused and imprisoned for preaching the gospel
  • - Families are the core of the society in Kazakhstan, Pray that heads of households put their hope in Christ
  • - Pray for the church in Kazakhstan to be empowered so they can be a light to the nation

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