One of the most admirable societies in the world, Japan uniquely blends an ancient civilization’s rich traditions, with a modern and technologically advanced culture.

There are close to 120 active denominations in Japan. Today, about one to two million Japanese are Christians (about one percent of Japan's population), and churches can be found across the country. Many Christians live in western Japan where the missionaries' activities were greatest during the 16th century. Like a lot of places in Asia, Japan is in need of discipling tools and materials.

Prayer Points

    • - Japan achieved remarkable growth after the devastation of World War II, becoming the third-largest economy in the world.
    • - 69% of the population identify themselves as Buddhist, but the average person practices a mix of Shinto, Daoist, Confucian and atheism
    • - 0.3% of the Japanese people are considered Evangelical
    • - Pray for growth. The standard church in Japan is very small. Fewer than 30 people are the average and many churches have less than 10 members. 
    • - Pray for signs, wonders, and miracles. Japanese people are very intelligent and logic-oriented. They are in dire need of seeing a demonstration of the power of God.

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