With its capital  located in Jerusalem, Israel is situated in the middle east bordering Egypt, Lebanon, and the Mediterranean Sea. Known as the “Holy Land”, this country is home to the three major religions of the world: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Rich in ancient history and biblical heritage, thousands of pilgrims flock yearly to this nation. This geographical area is the highest point of conflict from radical Islamist groups who have set as their goal to exterminate the Jewish State. After centuries of occupation from different Kingdoms and empires, at the end of World War II, the U.N. Trusteeship Council granted the Jewish people a national state and in 1948, the nation of Israel was reborn. For more than two-thousand years, the Jewish people have return back to their ancient territory.

The Church:

The body of Christ in Israel makes up 2% of the whole population with the evangelicals’ population being even smaller in percentage. According to Open Doors, 146,000 Christians are living in Israel with 90% of them being non-Jewish citizens, while about 10,000 are Messianic believers. Despise the discrimination towards Jewish believers, Jewish people have been more exposed to the gospel in the last 40 years than in the last millennium. The Church in Israel is constantly looking for practical ways to show up the love of Jesus to every Jewish person by flashing true care and love.

Prayer Point:

  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122).
  • Pray for Church within The Land so they can powerfully share the gospel.
  • Pray for God to soften the heart of the Jewish people to the gospel so they can see their savior Yeshua.
  • Pray for the youth of Israel to have an encounter with their Messiah.

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