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Have you ever wondered why is it important to pray for missionaries? Or how to strategically and effectively cover missionaries in prayer?

Missionaries can be lonely due to geographical distance. Since they live far away from us and in different time zones on the other side of the world, we can sometimes forget about them. The truth is most missionaries have a very small circle of friends - which leaves them with few people praying for them.

Think about this: you and I know about Jesus thousands of years after His resurrection because of a missionary movement birthed out of prayer. Acts 13 records the first missionary team that was sent out from Antioch to share the gospel that would catch fire all over the world. In the same way, we have the blessing to continue praying for those who are still being sent to share the gospel.

Praying for someone in the mission field is deeper than completing a checklist. It is coming alongside them in their challenges where they are serving, understanding the needs in their personal lives and connecting to their emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial needs. They need friends, confidants, mentors and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. We support them so they can continue to be fruitful.

In this way, we are not only praying for the work that is being done, but for their lives as they complete the assignment they are called to. What and honor that our prayers and support cover those who are advancing the kingdom!

How can we pray, then?

    1. 1. Pray for missionaries to keep growing in a deep and pure relationship with the father
    2. 2. Pray that they share the word of God with power and confidence
    3. 3. Pray that those sharing the gospel will be used with miracles and wonders
    4. 4. Pray for victory on the spiritual warfare they face
    5. 5. Pray for grace and favor with those who are yet not believers


Imagine the truth that you are partnering with what Holy Spirit started more than 2000 years ago! You can start praying for nations and missionaries today, check out our Prayer Focus Section.

Remember your prayer does not need a passport!

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