Healing Through Stories

The heartbreaking news from Ukraine and the images of refugees and war-ravaged cities has faded from the everyday news cycle. But what is really still happening there? What is the church doing? Who is telling the individual stories of those forced to flee from their families, homes and livelihoods?

Many service organizations have come to the aid of those in need on the borders of Ukraine- including Wild for the Nations. True to our mission for the last five years, Wild sent a team to countries bordering Ukraine for 3 weeks to record not only the stories of the refugees and victims of war, but also to record what GOD is doing through the local church.

In Krakow I met Irek Czubak who with a team of believers takes aid into smaller towns in Ukraine that don’t receive the aid sent into the larger towns.

Like many I have met over the years on the mission field, each time he leaves on a delivery, he says goodbye to his wife and 3 children in case he doesn't see them again.

The Ukrainians are generally reserved and stoic people, yet we saw people crying, embracing, and carrying Bibles on the streets. We also saw locals without much of their own sharing all they have with refugees in desperate need of supplies and support - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The spiritual atmosphere is ripe and the church has stepped up in ways I can only imagine we will see from an end-times church- comforting, providing food, water, lodging and basic needs- and sharing JESUS.

Now more than ever is a critical time to bridge the gap between the church and the mission field. The refugees need to start the healing process by sharing their stories and the world needs to continue to hear them. Churches and businesses on the border still need our help so they can continue to receive and help those who have fled. We can make such a difference in the Name of Jesus.

Remember, you don’t need a passport to pray.
Lord open our eyes to see what is happening, and show us how to partner with those delivering the aid and healing you have will provide for Your children.

Wild for the Nations will continue to GO to support those in need around the globe and stay true to our mission of connecting YOU to what God is doing in the nations.


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