The nation of Guyana is in South America bordering Venezuela, Suriname, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean. As of 2021, Guyana population has reached to more than 700,000 with Africans, Indians, and Indigenous people making up the nation’s population. Part of the commonwealth of nations, Guyana is historically connected to the Caribbean community because of its political and cultural past. Even though Guyana is rich in diversity, the population struggles with racial conflict. It is also mention from the World Health Organization, Guyana is rated top country with the highest suicide rates in the globe.

The Church: 
Today, Christians make up more than half of the population in Guyana, but racial tensions within the Body affects believers to fellowship with one another. This action has caused a setback on the gospel being shared to the growing Muslim and Hindu communities.
Prayer Points: 
  • Pray for the Church, Pastors, and missionaries on ground.
  • Pray for unity within the Body and the chains of racism be broken.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit would touch the lives of people struggling with depression and contemplating suicide.

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