Thank you for writing for us!  Here are a few guidelines that will help you when creating your article.

We are sure your contribution will be extremely valued, and to honor your time and gift here are a few guidelines that will help you when creating your article.

General Guidelines to Consider

    • - Keep it short (600-800 words)
    • - Share your heart, and if possible a story
    • - If you have images to include, please send them as attaches files and not inside your article
    • - Have one major point (multiple points can be confusing)
    • - Add a call to action at the end of your blog
    • - Include a short Bio and a profile picture to publish with your blog
    • - Bonus: Add an audio recording of you narrating your blog (your phone is fine)

Where to start?

Write an outline
With any writing project, following the writing process enables you to craft a thoughtful, well-developed piece. After you’ve given a topic for your blog post, create an outline. List the main points you want to discuss. Each key points will likely become a separate section, each with its own header and sub points.

Similar to an essay, your blog post is structured with an introduction, body sections and then finally, the conclusion.

Hook your reader and keep them scrolling to the end
In any kind of writing, the hook is one of the most important parts. This sentence or paragraph grabs the reader’s attention and promises that their curiosity will be satisfied if they keep reading. One popular type of hook is to present a startling fact.

Give your readers a solid call to action
A call to action is a short phrase that asks the reader to do something. In a blog post, this might be to leave a comment,  subscribe to our newsletter, or simply to read a related post next. If you are unsure about what call to action take please let us know and we can discuss the ideal for your blog post.

Don’t forget to edit and proofread!
Read through the draft carefully and take note of any spots where your writing feels awkward, choppy, or excessively wordy. Be sure to use Grammarly and invite a fellow writer to proofread & edit your work.  Of course, we are here to help as well!

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