El Salvador


El Salvador, Spanish for “The Savior” in honor of Jesus Christ is bordering with Honduras, Guatemala, and the Pacific Ocean. The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador, and as of 2021, it has a population 6.4 million people. Before El Salvador became a recognized sovereign state in 1841, the nation was once part of the Guatemalan Spanish empire known as the “Captaincy General of Guatemala”. However, in 1821, the empire dismantled, granting El Salvador its independence. Shortly after their liberty from Spain in 1821, El Salvador was engrafted into the Mexican Empire, and then later, the Federal Republic of Central America before it became a recognized sovereign state internationally in 1841. In the years following its sovereign status, El Salvador had suffered several political and economic instability. This insecurity in the region led to a major civil war in the latter part of the 20th century, leaving the country’s economic infrastructure in disarray. Some economic and political relief did come through by the signing of the 1992 Peace Accord. The Peace Accord Signing led to the end of the war. Unfortunately, today, even after the war, El Salvador still struggles with issues caused by debt, poverty, gang related violence, inequality, and past natural disasters.

The Church

A country who is named after the King of Kings has truly lived up to its name. El Salvador, despite suffering from poverty and violence, has recently been exploding with souls being saved in their country. It is reported that 36% of Evangelical Christians make up the population of the nation, and that number is continuing to rise yearly.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for evangelicals to maintain their spiritual fervor, cultivating a passion for reaching the lost and discipling others for service.
  • Pray for healing and reconciliation for those affected by the tragic wounds of a devastating civil war, especially in the body of Christ.
  • Pray for effective methods for reaching troubled youth, many of whom have turned to gangs and violence.

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