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Ready to help us reach our $10,000 goal on North Texas Giving Day on September 17, 2020?

Than you for partnering with us by setting your fundraiser page!
The next step is promoting your fundraiser with everyone. Be sure to use your social media platforms. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube and tag us, use our hashtag #WildForTheNations, and share our videos. They can be a promotional tool!  If all that is not enough for you, well, we have a list of ideas to boost your fundraising efforts!


Pull out from the closet all those fun board games, organize a volley ball game, or a video game battle, and invite your friends to come over your place. Whether you have people play against one another throughout the night so the overall champion(s) may be determined to receive a prize.

You can require a small fee to register for the game night to the fundraiser page that you set up or to the general or to the North Texas Giving Day page of Wild For The Nations! See your fundraiser reach it's goal while having fun with your friends.


Hosting a used book sale is a simple, easy, and unique fundraising idea that anyone can do! Ask for donations of books among friends and family members. Invite friends over for a coffee some cookies and take donations per book. As the books pile up, so will the size of your fundraiser! Ask your friends to directly cover the cost of the book in your fundraiser page, they will receive a receipt of their donations and you'll help us meet the goal!

Advertise the sale by hanging flyers around and by posting your favorite authors on Social Media, Make sure you let know everyone that all the funds will be donated to Wild For The Nations!

If you are artsy this is your thing!

Host an evening of crafts, paint or knitting or any other artsy hobby that you have! Invite people to come along you and join you for an evening of creativity. Ask everyone to bring their own materials and  let the party begin!

Make sure to schedule as a part of the program a time to share about Wild for the Nations and your fundraising efforts to support us. Allow them to be a part by directing them to your fundraiser page, and pausing for all of them make their donations. This is a fun way to connect with others, enjoy a fun evening and be generous!


If you enjoy doing face painting do this!

Let your family and friends know that you'll be donating your talent to raise funds for Wild for the Nations on North Texas Giving Day and invite them to bring their kids!

Make sure that you have lots of different designs and patterns as well as paint that is safe for children. 

Charge a small fee for the face painting and let the parents know that they can make their donation directly into your fundraising page for Wild for the Nations and have fun!

This is perfect for the adventurous and food-loving people. All you’ll need are some supporters who like to cook and eat!

Invite friends and family over and ask them to submit their unique and exotic dishes that they love. You can keep the meal specific to a country or region or just cook whatever you want.

Your guests can then vote on their favorite dishes with their dollars by directly donating to your fundraising page.Whoever has the most “votes” at the end of the night can walk away with the pride of being the best exotic chef. Make sure that you share with all the attendees the heart behind your fundraiser for Wild for the Nations.

If you haven't set up your fundraiser page yet, you can set yours today by clicking here, and take this North Texas Giving Day by storm! Watch our this short video to see how to set yours and help us to bless missionaries around the globe!

Another part of our fundraising efforts is the Matching Funds Program, an initiative to partner with business and organizations in our community. Through this program, organizations double up the donations multiplying our impact. Click here to learn more  about this program or email us at

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