Australia means "the unknown south land.' The nation was founded as a British penal colony and originally served as a place to hold criminals, debtors, and undesirables from the British Isles. It became independent in 1900.  The term "Aussie" was originally used to describe a happy-go-lucky person and to distinguish between indigenous peoples and immigrants from Europe. Since the 1980's, immigration has started to decrease, and it is now more difficult to become a citizen.

The Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia, have experienced violence and discrimination since the British colonization, and racism and distrust still exist between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Both the sixth largest country and the smallest continent in the world, Australia is the only continent without glaciers. It is also the world's driest continent, frequently suffering from deadly bush fires.

The Church

Traditionally a Christian nation with freedom of religion, Australia is becoming increasingly secular. While the majority of the population still claims to be Christian, only 10% attend church regularly. The largest Christian contingents are Roman Catholic (25%) and Anglican (17%), and the many immigrants living in Australia have also brought a wide variety of religions with them. The Church is being challenged by a New Age, self-created spirituality, and more people are developing negative attitudes toward the Church. 

Prayer Points 

- Pray for revival and Awakening of people's heart towards God
- Believers to rise up to take the gospel and make disciples
- For missionaries, leaders, and pastors serving in the field
- For the authorities to walk under God's wisdom


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